2009 Good or Bad?

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I know that we are well in to 2010 already but I thought I would take this time to look back on what 2009 has brought.  Now If I asked Natalie and most of my family what they thought of 2009 there first word would be “SHIT” and I would have to agree with them.  But when I start to think about it, I have to ask myself was it all that bad.

Let’s start at the beginning; I have been out of University after completing my University degree in September 2008.  Family and personal life are getting back on track and I am in a job which pays well even though the work is not want I want to be doing.  But hey Britain is going through a recession and I want to get my hands on some money.  But then!!! First day back, Pennant smacks me in the face with a massive trout and makes me redundant.   To say the least I was gutted, It threw all my plans up in the air because I was planning on learning skills and gaining experience working with clients so I could progress within six to twelve months.

So I cleared out my desk and went home.  To say the least I did not sleep well that night, I had never been made redundant so did not know what to do.  I did not do anything for the next few days; the shock of it was just getting me down.  Everyone could see it no matter how much I tried to hide it.

But after that I dusted myself off and started looking at my portfolio and CV and signed up to as many job sites a possible, I did not sign on straight away because I did not want to.  I thought I could get myself out of this myself.  As it turned out the recession was only getting worse so in the end I had to.

My job before going to Pennant was at the local nightclub where I had worked for 5 years and floor supervisor and then DJ/Light Jockey.  I got on really well with the managers and had spoken to her not long after getting laid off.  The boss rang me up asking me back as things needed fixing and I was happy to go back.  I just felt useful once again.

During this time I was still working on my own projects and trying to get a job, but it was hard.  Then two months later Paul Smith my agent that hired me to work for Pennant called me up asking if I would come back as one of the developers was leaving. (I really don’t blame her).  I was a big cautious at the start but said yes.  Two days later I was back in the office with a massive smile on my face, but this time I had a different attitude, one that it could be all over the next day so make the most out of it.  I still carried on working at the club because I had only just started working back there and I had promised the boss that I would get the light and sound system up to scratch once again before I left.  In the night club industry I thought I was good to keep the respect of people that I had built up.  Plus the boss had become a friend.

A month past and with everything going on in my ladies personal live and lots of stress flying around the house, an opportunity rose to go work in India for six weeks.  I accepted and before I know it I am in Hydrabad, India working alongside BAE which was Pennants customer and the Indian Air Force which was BAEs customer.  To say the least I loved it.  Hot weather and time to myself, I missed Nat like made but it gave me time to think about my life, more importantly what I wanted to do with my career.

I started downloading tutorials and downloading the up-to-date software to learn, I also started reading blogs and learning the more up-to-date techniques.  The more I read the more I realised that the University degree that I got did not give the knowledge I needed to break into the industry.  Yes it looks good on my CV that I have a master’s degree.  But I needed to learn a lot more.

During the evening I found myself redesign the Blink of an Eye Photography web site and still reading blogs and tech websites.  But I was still a bit unsure on where I wanted to go.  I love flash, but I really like XHTML and CSS.

Before I knew it I was back in the UK, but only for two weeks.  I would finish off at the club as my work was done.  The DJ console was up together and the light rig was working as good as could get without spending thousands of pounds on it.

My next trip to India was only going to be for six weeks, but it turned into a massive 15 week trip.  This happened to be the longest time I have spent away.  Again i was thinking what I wanted to do and by the time I got back I was keen to get on with what I wanted to do.

I had decided to do a 3D animation course because I wanted to learn 3DS Max so I came back and paid for the course and so far I am really enjoying it.  I also learned about a podcast called Boagworld.com.  This was it.  The podcast that got the fire roaring within me and with that I started listen right from podcast one, taking notes and reading books that Paul Boag suggested.

This led to the end of 2009, so for most of the year I have not been in the UK, but I am sure back with the fire in my belly to learn and succeed.  So with that I will say that 2009 started out bad, but ended up on a massive high – Jordan is coming and nothing is going to get in his way!!!!

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