2017 a new look

Posted on by jordanhaines

The job of redesigning my site has been on my list to do for the last two years, but as I have learned. Once you have kids some jobs keep getting pushed to the back of the que. This is what happened with the design of this site.

In 2016 I actually got as far as making a photoshop document of the site I wanted after going through the site map process and all the wireframing, but the coding part of the job did not happen. This was mainly because of another bundle of joy coming into my life with the birth of my daughter.

Now my son is going to bed much easier in the evening, I now find I have a few hours in the evening where I can do little bits of work. So in 2017 I have made it my goal to redesign and sort out my site.

The theme currently running on it is 5 years old, it looks outdated and the responsive does not work that well.

I have been working on a new responsive WordPress theme which I use as my base files so want to use this. I will also be sorting out the structure to separate out the podcast posts as I would like to start mixing again now I have the chance.

I also want to include the ability to play the podcast from the site and sort out some of the coding examples that I have given in the past which do not look that great now.

I plan to blog the process of my redesign as I go through the process. This way it will keep me on track.

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