A 2016 round up

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2016 is coming to an end and I suppose its time for the summery of my year. As I look back for me its been a good year on the whole, Unlike if your a celebrity were if you made it alive out of 2016 you would be considered lucky.

2016 while has been a good year it has also been very stressful, So let me take a look back at what happened from the start.

To start the year off in January we moved into our new home, our first house out of the rented market. It was such a relief to finally have our own little home we could raise our kids.

This was the source of most of the stress for the start of the year, Decorating the house before we moved in and then finally moving in. Which then leads to sorting all your stuff out and getting a toddler used to his new room and sleeping in his own bed, which in turn led to two weeks of no sleep and one very on the edge Jordan. It was advised by everyone not to annoy me during this time.

While my main focus was on the house, Work was not going as smoothly as I hoped for. There had been a lack of work and in the end two people were made redundant which in turn led to the head of technology going to another company in town. While this was good for me as it meant I became the new lead developer the atmosphere in the office was not a nice one and morally was hard to keep high.

Work then decided to move to an office in the area I grew up, which I liked the idea of but did not think it would fix the moral issue and it didn’t. The company continued to get through just each month thanks to the money saving measures I suggest and made with the help of another developer there. But in the end I became tired of worrying what was going to happen so decided it was time to look else where.

My job search led me to Factor 3 in Cheltenham once again where I had tried to get a job a few times before.

While this was going on with work, The best part of the year happened. The birth of my daughter Layla happened this year. My son was so happy to finally meet his baby sister and I was over the moon to have a baby girl.

This made the whole family so happy to finally meet her and to have a new arrival.

So thats my year, Im going into 2017 very positive so lets see what the year brings.

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