A legend is lost

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Image of steve jobsThursday 6th October 2011 will always be remembered when I woke up in the morning, turned on Sky News and learned that the world had lost a great innovator.  The breaking news lower third at the bottom of the screen just read “Steve Jobs Dies”.  Well I shouted out “WHAT”!!! I have not been shocked like that for a while.

The world of Facebook and Twitter is filled with remembrance messages to Steve Jobs, and I just wanted to write my thoughts.

Steve Jobs was a great innovator and changed our way of thinking, he brought us wonderful new products and designs and turned Apple into one of the world be valuable tech companies.

Apple will live on and will always remember Steve, I think this will be the day everyone will remember where they where when they herd the news about Steve.

I just like to say that Steve will be greatly missed and will never be forgotten, Rest in peace Steve.

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