Apple your testing my faith in you

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I would like to start by saying that I am an Apple fanboy. I love Apple stuff, I own an iPod classic which is still in my work bag. I own an iPad, iPhone, iMac, Mac book pro and use an iMac at work. I love how there stuff just works and how the hardware lasts a long time and is reliable.

I have got most of my family on to the iPhone apart from my brother in law who is the opposite to me and hates Apple hardware with a passion. I have also along with my sister brought my mum an iPad which she now uses more then her Windows laptop I brought her.

But not all is well in my love affair with Apple and towards the end of 2016 the feeling became so much that I started to actually think about it. The issue is that I am starting to loose my faith in Apple hardware and the Apple vision.

The more I think about this the more I can see that this all started in 2013 when I had a chance to upgrade to an iPhone 5s but instead choosing to stick with my iPhone 4s as I did not see the point in upgrading the phone and signing up for another two year contract for just an extra row on icons. Instead I opted to go sim only cutting my phone bill in half.

The same can be said when the iPhone 6 and 6 plus came out, Instead of upgrading I managed to get my boss at the time to give me his hold iPhone 5, thus a free upgrade. When I finally had to buy a phone, to everyones shock I went a brought a second hand iPhone 5c, Choosing again not to pay the stupidly high price for a new phone and not wanting to spend the extra money on a phone contract.

The reasons for not upgrading my phone when my two year contract was up was cost, but also a realisation that at the time my iPhone 4s did everything I wanted, The only reason I had to get the iPhone 5c was my iPhone 5 at the time had been dropped way to many times to be repaired again and iOS 9 required me to upgrade my model of phone.

This got me thinking about the other hardware I owned, My Apple TV that my loving wife brought me for Christmas a few years back. Now lives in the old tech box, The Apple Tv made way for the Roku streaming box because it could do more and was cheaper (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Plex could all be streamed on the Roku). Even when Apple released the new Apple Tv with its own operating system, My thoughts were, “well its to expensive again and it does not do anything more then what my Roku does so why should I upgrade or buy new hardware”.

This brings me on to the computer hardware, iMac and Mac book pro. When the new iMac came out all there really was is a spec bump and Apple banging on about how thin the edge of the iMac is – “Who cares” Because I could not, The iMac sits on my desks doing the tasks I ask it to do. It does not matter how thin the edges are.

This thinness obsession from Apple continues in to the Mac book pro, At the end of 2016 Apple launched its so called new and improved Mac book Pro in which it boasted how light and thin it was, while bumping up the price and removing all the ports from it which people need making the new Mac book Pro useless to most people outside of the silicon Valley bubble.

The onslaught Apple received in the media and on social media about the price and lack of ports and even if the Mac book pro is even aimed at pro users anymore made me really think about when I come to upgrade what shall I do?
In its current state the new Mac book Pro is useless to myself. I can not use it for Djing as it will need a dongle nor will it work with anything else I have unless I buy more dongles which adds to extra cost when you already pay for a £2000 plus laptop. It also has a to smaller hard drive, as I currently struggle with 500GB on my home iMac.

All this adds up to questions which at the moment I can not answer. Who is Apples target market? Is it professionals that like powerful machines that need lots of ports or is it at the average computer user who does not need a lot of ports or power.

What is Apples plan with is Mac range? Apple please your laptops are thin and light enough as it is. Please leave that bit alone, no one cares anymore. I can kind of see there vision of the future, I personal like the idea of 1 USB-C connector but we are at least 5 years off that goal yet.

Apples high price for hardware is becoming increasingly hard to justify when their hardware seems to be no better then the competition, it may even seem like its worse. My iPhone seems to be breaking a lot more nowadays then my 3GS or iPhone 4s ever did.

All this has led me to look at all my options for my next purchase, For my Macbook pro do I invest in a new one and role with the punches Apple is throwing, Or do I be cheap and go with a 3 or 4 year old laptop at a cheaper price. This is the same question I need to ask myself for my iMac and iPhone.

Please Apple sort it out my faith in you is being tested and I am afraid that 2017 is the year my relationship with Apple might start to end.

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