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Over the last few months I have started listening to Security Now on the Twit Network once again.

Steve Gibson has a super human knowledge of online security and explains it so its really easy to follow.

While listening to Security Now and also having a 9 month old now, I started thinking about my own security online and what I can do to improve my security. Below is some bit I am doing now or have already been doing.

1. Two Factor Authentication

Facebook, Twitter and Google have the ability to enable two factor authentation. You should turn this on as it will log you out of everything so you can start again. Also when you login will be sent a code to enter to access your account. I have it sent to my phone so I know when my account is being accessed.

2. Password Manager

I have recently started using 1Password and have started changing all my passwords and adding them to 1password. Using a password manager allows you to have a strong unique password for every site. All you have to do then is copy and paste the password from 1password to the login form and your done.

It takes a bit of time to set up, By this I mean entering all your login details for all your sites then going through them and changing for password, but once it is done you are more secure then you where using the same password across all your sites.

3. Chrome Extensions

In my quest to become more secure online I saw an episode of Tekzilla where a list of Chrome plugins that will help in block tracking cookies / adverts and also make sure you use HTTS instead of HTP.

The plugins I now use on Chrome are:

Privacy Badger – This is a plugin at stops tracking cookies. It shows up in the address bar and when you click on it, it will show you if there are any cookies and if they are tracking you or not. If they are then Privacy Badger will block them.

Adblock Plus – This is an ad blocker which will block ads when you go to a site. I found this helpful as I have slowly been noticing an increase in adverts on web pages in recent months. You can set it to allow ads on certain sites if you want to support those sites. But for me its blocking all adds.

HTTPS Everywhere – This will force the use of HTTPS on sites that allow it.

All the plugins above are for Chrome and are FREE. so there is no reason for you not to try it.

This is just a few things that I am now doing to be more secure online at the moment. I am thinking about a VPN but have not gorton round to setting one up or really researching my options at the moment. I hope this information helps.

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