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Image of front cover of Bret Hart Hitman bookWell today is the day that I finished Bret Hart’s book.  So what can I say about it WOW.  If you if have never read this book then you need to read it, If you like watching pro wrestling then you need to read this book.

Everyone says that pro wrestling is fake, an act.  Yes it maybe that it may be that in the ring but this book will give you the behind the scenes look and will show that pro wrestling is very much real but real in the scene of people back stabbing in you the back at work, or how it can break up families.

Bret “Hitman” Hart was the first wrestler I ever saw when I was a young boy and have followed, I came to respect the character and in the last few years I have managed to watch the “Wrestling with Shadows” DVD and now read the book.  I have gained even more respect for the real Bret Hart.

The “Hitman” character inspired me to do well and try hard, I will freely admit that when I was down I would watch a match or listen to the entrance music, because listen to the entrance music I go visualise what I needed to do in life and winning.

Even though a few wrestlers have criticised the book off for revelling the secrets of pro wrestling I thank Bret for this book because for me it gave me a real insight in to the world.

I will agree with Bret that wrestling is not what is used to be, It is more about the gimmicks or the sexiness in the ring, When Bret Hart was screwed all those years ago, that aged of pro wrestling died as well.  This happens to be when started drifting off watching WWE but never forgot the Bret “HITMAN” Hart.

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