Bret Hart Returns to the WWE after 12 years

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So tonight is the night that after 12 long years waiting Bret “Hitman” Hart finally comes back to where I think he belongs the WWE.

I am really looking forward to Bret coming back even though the days of seeing him pulling of moves in the ring are gone.  It is what Bret stands for in wrestling that I am looking forward to seeing.  For years the fans have wanted Bret back but due to personal altercation between him and Vince this was not going to happen.

But once again time has proven again to be the victor here and after 12 years and things happening to either man.  They have put aside their differences.  I really hope that this is not just a one off and that we will see Bret back on weekly bases.   The WWE has not been the same since he left, and if I recall it was when Bret Heart left the WWE when I stopped watching.  I would have watched WCW but back in the day WCW was not on at good times to watch it so I stopped watching wrestling all together.

Bret Harts return has managed some how to get me thinking what I have done with my life over the past 12 years.  This is properly because I have watch both his DVD’s on his career and is now reading his book.  I have managed to get through school and university and even managed to get a masters degree.  I am so proud of myself because back when I was at school I really did not know what I wanted to do.  I only up to recently I think that everything has clicked in to place and I am starting filling in the gaps and learning more technologies.  For example I am now learning web standards based design and coding in XHTML and CSS so I can move my career on.

I think that this year 2009 has been a big altering time for me because I have spent most of the year away from my family and more importantly Nat.  I had time to think what I wanted to do in my career and after doing six months of pretty boring work it has to be said.  I have had renewed excitement to learn new things.  Linking back to Bret Hart, and reading his book.  It has given me the will to try harder.  This is what the Hitman Bret Hart did for me when I was going through school.  He always encouraged me to try harder and I really don’t care if anyone laughs at that fact. It is the truth.

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