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On Sunday July 25th I took a trip to Brands Hatch Race circuit for the first time ever to see the British Superbikes for the first time.

I took my friend Andy who is not really into Motorsport at all but he wanted to at least experience a Motorsport event.

We got there for 9am and parked right in the centre of the circuit on the Southbank which gives you excellent views of the circuit and also means that if it did rain that we could sit in the car and still watch the racing, Thankfully tho it was one of the hottest days of the year so a bit of tanning was in order.

From the moment I got to the circuit and heard the bikes come out for the warm up session I was like a little kid in a sweet shop. I had to call the wife and the family back up so they could hear the noise of the lovely bikes go by.

We watched the warmed up session and then decided to have breakfast and I wanted to get a Milwaukee yamaha t-shirt. Our first race was the supersport race and we watched that from inside of Druids corner. Wow you can get so close to the action, plus I thought I might get on TV, but that did not happen.

If you are thinking about going to watch the British Superbikes championship at a local race track, GO, Get your ticket now. For the little money you pay you get a full 8 hours of racing and everyone is really friendly willing to talk about bikes and racing.

To see pictures and videos from the event see my flickr below:

I will be buying a ticket again next year, to my surprise my mate also wants to come again as well and after telling other friends what the day was like it seems that there could be a few car loads going next time which would be good.

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