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sitepoint hml and css coverAfter listening to the Boagworld web design podcast I picked up a copy of Build Your Own Site the Right Way Using HTML & CSS.  This book was recommended by Paul Boag and I thought it would be a good idea to pick up a copy and go through it has I needed to teach myself the proper way of designing and building websites.

Now I have to say that I am no big reader, I really do have the attention span of a flea when it comes to things like this.  But I found that the wording in the book was easy to read with no massively complicated words to read.  Ian Lloyd has done a great job of explaining the process in simple English which kept me interested.

I found doing a chapter a night I was able to do little and often and managed to work through the book within a few weeks.  After which I am now planning to redesigns the Blink of an Eye Photography website in XHTML and CSS.

This book as not only shown me the way to start building websites the correct way but it has also shown me what to learn next but even more importantly it has re-lighted the fire to create stunning sites and really get to know the industry.  The Boagworld podcast also has a lot to do with this and I find myself a lot happier that I have found this fire again.  Sounds stupid I know but back a few years ago I really enjoyed creating sites.

I would recommend anyone to read this book because it does teach you the proper way.  I am now keen to improve the designs for Blink of an Eye Photography web site and start coding.

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