Bye Bye Evernote hello Apple notes

Posted on by jordanhaines

When Apple released its new Notes App which could sync across devices and do a lot of the features Evernote could do. My brain straight away started to think, I can finally get rid of Evernote.

Now I have used Evernote for years and even recommended it to people, but over the last year it has started to get really bloated and my mindset has changed that I do not want to keep installed apps on my iphone / ipad / Mac. If Apple has a note taking app that meets all my needs, I would rather use their note taking app then use another service.

Tonight is the night I have finally taken the plunge and moved all my notes over to Apple Notes, while in the process I thought i would be a good idea to clean out my notes which are not needed and sorting saved ones into folders.

I am feeling confident that I have made the right move, I know it will not be the right move for everyone but of course time will tell.


Six months on and I have no regrets about ditching Evernote, Apple notes is working great for me. From what I have heard on the tech news podcasts it would seem a lot of other people are leaving Evernote as well, Not all are going to Apple notes but some are. The general feeling I am getting is that Evernote has become slack and dropped the ball a bit.

I would encourage people to give Apple Notes a try, yes it is a bit more basic looking then Evernote and some will say note as nice to look at. But I am a believer that if it works for you then that’s the best way.

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