Bye Bye Virgin TV

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Moving house at the start of the year allowed me to look at all my services I pay for, Currently that is Virgin TV / Broadband / Netflix / Amazon Prime and Plex. I began to pay more attention to what we were using more often.

Within a few weeks, it was clear as daylight that I was only recording shows on the UK Freeview channels and on the weekend we would be watching Netflix / Amazon and Plex.

I found that for the kids shows Amazon / Plex was our go to services while for Films and TV shows it was Netflix / Plex.

The only thing Virgin was getting used for was the Formula 1 and Eurosport for the British Superbikes / World Superbikes. Since it was winter then the Virgin was getting used very little.

With Virgin getting used so little and the bills going up as well, I had to question why I was paying for TV when Freeview would have been ok for us.

I also thought about trying out Now TV for the Entertainment package, A few friends of mine are using it and for £5.99 a month it’s worth a few months trial.

So for my new house I am ditching Virgin TV and just using going with there 200MB connection. I will be keeping Netflix / Amazon / Plex and trialing Now TV to see how that goes.

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