Closing my yahoo and Flickr account

Posted on by jordanhaines

Over the last year it has come to light that in the past Yahoo have had several data breaches in which hackers managed to download information about there users. It seems that every few months we are learning of a new hack that had been kept secret.

This week I was listening to the The Big Show on the British Tech Network where they began to talk about another report of a Yahoo data breach.

For myself this was the last straw, The only reason I have a yahoo account was because I was a Flickr Pro user. I used this service as a way to back up my photos online at the time just incase anything happened. I have since started backing my photos to Google Photos as well as Facebook so the family can see what the kids are up to.

With all the news about the Yahoo problems which have dented my confidence in the company a lot and then the sale of the company I have decided enough is enough and have closed my account.

It feels great to close the account as its one less service to have a login for and its also one less service to pay for as well. Flickr was amazing back in the day when there was a real community sprite but Yahoo have killed it and if I am honest they killed it years ago. The only reason I stayed with them because I was using the service as a back up.

My advice to anyone that still has a Yahoo account would be to close it, Your data is not safe and with the sale of the company as well. Who knows what will happen, it is better to be safe then sorry I think.

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