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Over the last few weeks there has been much talk about the use of comments on websites. By this I mean comment forms at the end of blog post or more popular, YouTube comments.

The subject of comments has arisen from Google changing YouTube comments in order to clamp down on all the slagging off that happens. YouTube comments now have a reputation of just being a slagging match for trolls rather than a tool to build a community.

The word community is an important one, This is one of the fundamental reason for having comments in the first place. If we write a blog post and want people to engage with the post via comments it is because we want to hear what the read has to say, whether they agree with you or not.

On the other side of this of this argument is that comments do not add anything to a website and can in some cases devalue the website and its content. This was the view of Popular Science website which turned off comments because they thought it added no value to its website or community.

I personally feel that Popular Science is wrong to turn off comments but I can also see their point of view. The problem is that monitoring comments of having people hide behind fake names. If a user has coming of value to say then they do not need to hide behind a fake name to say there comment.

This bring me on to the type of commenting system that websites use. For example a standard WordPress site coming with its own comments system. A user can use a fake name and the comments are not connected to anything by the website. In the modern web with social media every more important would it not be better to use a commenting system like Facebook comments or Google+ comments?

By using either Facebook comments or Google+ comments once a user has commented on your post they’re friends see this on there wall and can comment to. By using these commenting system you then bring the Facebook or Google+ community in on the conversation as well.

I think for future WordPress site that I build I will certainly raise the question on if we are going to use Facebook or Google+ comments.

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