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Starting out by following the legendary Steve Balmar:

At Langarth we have worked hard on increasing our communication between each other which in turn is pushing Langarth to output higher quality of work quicker.  In the past there has been a blog post from our great designer Rosie about communication, But today I want to focus on communication within the team.

Communication within the team is so important and I am not talking about developer to developer or developer to designer but from the directors to the cleaners.  If everyone knows what is going on then everyone is in the loop which means that everyone feels included.

While communication is important there are some ways to do it, Developers have a really bad habit of this when designers ask something. NO!, This is the answer that gets told to designers and thats it.  A better way of communicating with the designers for example would be to go No, this is not possible because of A and B, but we could do it this way.  Just saying no is not helpful but saying no and explaining the reasons why helps the designer to understand why it can not be done.  Then if you back it up with another suggestion then the design and yourself are now talking through the problem which in the end will end up at a better solution with everyone understanding why and how everyone came to that conclusion.

Another example of better communication in the workplace is actually talking to people and not just emailing people.  As a geek and a person that works online email has become a main communication tool, Even in the office if someone is busy and I am busy it can become to easy to email someone.  This is bad, they may miss the email or not get what you are trying to communicate from the email.  It would be better to talk to the person first and make notes then you could send them an email as a reminder of what was said so if you need to talk about this conversation again, or continue it at a later date all parties involved in the conversation can recap on what has already been discussed so the conversation can move forward.

The third and final example of better communication is when explaining your work.  Let me explain, As a developer a huge part of my job is taking designs and turning them into proper fully working websites.  Now there are normally several different ways to get to a result and different developers will tackle a problem in different ways.  When showing your work as you develop the site, explain why you did what you did and the reasons for it.  People will understand better why you have done what you have done if they know the thought process.

The three examples that I have given above can help to improve communication in the team which can lead to improved work flow and better output from the company.  Communicating as a company or brand is not just about communicating to your users but also to each other in the team.

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