Companies that just rely in Facebook will fail

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I have noticed over the past few weeks an increase in the number of companies that feel they do not need a website, they only need a Facebook group or fan page in order to promote there services.

Any designer and true promoter / marketing team that know anything about promotion should know how wrong this is.  You really should have your own site so you can get your own brand identity online and owning your own content.  Having just a Facebook Group or Fan page is wrong because you can not get your own brand identity onto your Facebook Group and Fan page.  Also if you rely on a third party service like Facebook or Twitter then you never really own the content you put on that page, plus if the company ever closed down, then that is your content and your promotional link to your customers gone.

Having your own website is important because you can have a center place for all your customers to go to,  I am not saying you should not use Facebook or Twitter but they should be used with your main website.

This trend unfortunately is getting worse as people think that Facebook is the Internet,  One of the pieces of advice as a web designer that I am increasingly telling people is make sure you have a site and do not rely on Facebook or Twitter alone.

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