End 2014

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This will be the normal end of year post.  But looking back on my goals I wrote at the start of 2014,  

Looking back on the list which is below:

  1. Create a small content management system.
  2. Create a HTML5 game.
  3. Take a ios app development course
  4. Create ios app
  5. Finish editing my wedding DVD, its only 2 years late.
  6. Go to a British Touring Car Race
  7. Go to a British Superbike Race.

I only managed to do 1 thing on that list.  That was to finish my Wedding DVD.  

Losing my job at the start of the year changed all that.  I began looking for a new role in which I round one in Burford.  

My focus became working to improve the company and working practices in order to produce better websites.  I needed us also to produce websites in the same way so we could all work on sites that we had all built.
For 2015 I will need to think really carefully about what I want to achieve.

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