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I have seen through my RSS feeds a quite a few arguments that flash is dying or is on its way out.  This has mainly come about due to, and yes I am sorry I will have to mention it, the “ipad”.

As we all knew anyway, Apple is continuing what for me seems the stupid decision by Steve Jobs not to support Flash.

But this is not what is getting me annoyed, O no.  What is getting me annoyed that the amount of half arsed comments that are on blogs and forums say “Flash is dead”, Flash is shit”, “I hate Flash”.

So where to start, I tweeted earlier and I am going to repeat it here:

“Who gives a shit what you think! If you like flash use it if not fuck off and learn something else! Stop telling me about it!”

Now to say the least I was really annoyed when I wrote this.  So I decided to blog why I got straight to the point.

Yes there are people out there that hate flash and that is fine, we know it is not a perfect solution.  But Adobe is working hard on getting it better and it is getting better.  Then the people that say it’s just shit.  I would have to say these people are immature and should not be near a computer because the fact is that flash is not shit, Just look at the massive online flash game community and the amazing success of Farmville on facebook.

Used for the right job flash does an amazing job, Now I love flash but also understand that it has been used for some of the worse websites in the world and used for annoying banner ads and pop ups.

Flash is not going anywhere, Yes HTML 5 is coming with the new video class but Flash will never go away.  If you don’t like using it, turn it off.  No one really gives a shit about what you think if you cannot back it up with good reason bar saying “its shit”.

If you don’t want to use it and try something else, well good for you, but don’t push other people to follow you just because you think it’s right.  Has Paul Boag keeps saying “it’s the right tool for the job”.

This brings me on to why Apple won’t support flash.  Personally I think Steve Jobs is being a fucking idiot about it and is leaving in his own Apple world.  Flash is a great tool and I think he would have more success if he brought flash to the Apple iphone and ipad.  I am starting to get annoyed by not being able to view video on my iphone when I am out and about just because Steve Jobs as a technology is bad.

Flash is part of today’s modern web and weather you like it or hate it, get used to it because it is not going anywhere.  Instead learn to use the right tool for the right job, even if that does mean using flash.

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