Font face wordpress fonts not showing in IE9 and Firefox

Posted on by jordanhaines

I have been working on a site at work which is a wordpress based site. In this site we have used a selection of custom fonts from font squirrel, which I have done many times before and never had a problem, In till now.

The problem was that the custom fonts where showing in all browser except Firefox and IE9, Which I found very strange. After some digging around it turns out there are some security features in IE9 and Firefox that stop fonts loading from absolute URLs, which when using WordPress you get.

To get round this you have to add to you htaccess file with the following:

# allow access from all domains for webfonts
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
# webfonts
AddType application/ eot
AddType font/truetype ttf
AddType font/opentype otf
AddType font/opentype woff

By adding this code the fonts will be allowed to show in Firefox and IE9

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