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This week I was reminded of a tool from Google that I have to admit that I completely forgot about, That is intill I got this months .net magazine. The tool in question was Google Chrome Frame.

Google Chrome Frame is an open source tool developed by Google, It is designed to run on Internet Explorer 9, 8, 7 and 6. It is a piece of software that a user of a site installs when then go to a website in Internet Explorer, One the user has installed it, Internet Explorer will render all webpages like Google Chrome. This means that older versions of Internet Explorer will support all the latest standards of HTML5, CSS3.

I tested this tool this week and found that I was extremely easy to install, You can select to prompt the user to install the software on either all versions of IE or a select version. I selected to only get the user to install Google Chrome Frame on IE6, as I like to have all my website work to as low as IE7 at the moment without getting the user to install anything. But for IE6 while I do not support it, their are still a few sites I have to work on and develop for large companies where their staff have to browse the internet using IE6.

To get Google Chrome Frame to work or be installed, all you have to is add a META tag in your head of your website and then add some Javascript in the footer. Once this is added the user get the prompt if they do not have Google Chrome Frame installed or the webpage just renders with the use of the webkit and renders all the new web specification.

I put forward using this plugin for IE6 support from now on with a target of using it to support IE7 when IE10 comes out later this year. The only problem that got raised when I put this forward as an option, That was the users may get scared off when they see a pop up to install Google Chrome Frame as they will not know what it is, there was also the problem that employees at companies are normally forbidden to install software. While I agree with this I think that IE6 is now 10+ years old, I really do not think it is worth the time now to sort out all the problems for this browser.

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