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Flat design in the last year has becoming more of a talking point among designers with in the web industry. The conversation heating up recently with the release of iOS 7 which saw Apple ditch all the textures and go completely flat. Of course because this was a big change there was of course outcry, Some designers saying that they hated it and some saying they love it. I personally like it, The OS looks cleaner and more modern.

Here are some examples of flat design (http://fltdsgn.com/), I personally really like the new flat design that is becoming so trendy at the moment. For myself the love of flat design goes back to when I was doing art at school and discovered pop art and especially Patrick Caulfield (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Caulfield). I was never a fan of texture as I always like bold colour and big black lines to define shapes and space. For me this was more interesting than seeing a painting which was near real life, Do not get me wrong, I can appreciate the skill and dedication that goes into a real life painting but for me it just does not interest me as much as pop art A feeling not echoed by my art teacher who thought I could not get on to the Cheltenham Art Foundation course, well BOOM!!, Guess what !, I did. Anyway I digress.

I feel that flat design works well on the screen weather used on a website or native application as it keeps the screen clean and clear of distraction and allows the user to focus on the content which to me is the most important part. Flat design also speeds up the load time of a website as the user does not have to download extra images used in the background to give textured effects.

Another plus for flat design is that it lend itself to responsive web design for the simple reason is that you just have to resize the elements and it works, no background images to think about nor download. The saying “Less is more” comes to mind and with flat design I think this is true.

There have been a few arguments to say that with flat design all websites start to look the same, This is a complete fabrication. Flat design has nothing to do with the layout of elements on a page, If websites are all starting to look the same which I agree many are starting to, This is due to the CSS Frameworks designers and developers are using which restrict the layout, there is also the other point that some lazy designers out there just copy other designs and do not modify the layout at all.

I am currently in the process of redesigning my site as its now three years old, It has very little texture on it at the moment but in the new design this will be going completely and I am going back to flat colour and simple user interface. So let the redesign comense!.

I personally hope flat design stays around for a while and we can explore different creative ways to come up with website designs. The future is bright, the future is flat.

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