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Today is my last day at Websir, I have decided to leave and join Tigerfish in Cheltenham.

I have enjoyed my time at Websir but feel it is time to move on to further my career.  Joining Tigerfish will allow me to work with WordPress and Drupal and push me further.

Other factors with working in Cheltenham is that there will be less traveling.  I will be able to catch the bus and not worry about driving 2.5 hours a day.  The other plus side is that it will save me diesal money as well.

Another reason for me leaving is, My partner in crime Dena left 5 weeks ago,  Myself and Dena have created a strong working relationship and have become friends outside of work as well.  When Dena finally decided enough was enough,  I felt I lost a true friend from work and it left me looking at my own career and weather I was truly happy.

Luckily our friendship will continue outside of work and will still talk now and then and work on side projects every now and then.

Another point is that when Dena left our designer and developer relationship ended,  I was not able to create the same relationship with the other designer, Which was a shame as she was a very talented designer.

The working relationship with Dena as reinforced my belief that the designer developer relationship as a developer is very important to me, feeling I can work with a designer and they can work with me means we can tackle problems together as they come up.

I wish everyone and Websir all the best.

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