Internet Radio and Community based stations need to tidy up.

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This post comes from a comment I posted on Facebook and Twitter this morning about GFM (Gloucester FM), now GFM is a local community based radio station ran by locals for locals.  Now I have no problem with this at all and I know a DJ who at the start of the stations life put a lot of time and effort in to his show.

My comment was about the presenter that was on in the morning, now I should say that I do not normally listen to GFM but was scanning through the channels and it came up.  To be honest I had forgotten all about the station.  So I thought I would give it a listen too to see if it had changed.

But I found myself turning off and scanning to Radio 1 within five minutes, now instead of going that was rubbish and not thinking about it again, I started asking myself why I could only bare to listen to the DJ for only five minutes.

The reason that I came to was his presentation style, which I thought was amateur at based and for a professional DJ was very poor.  He was muffled and there was a lot of popping but for me that was not the most annoying thing.  For me it was the gangster type tone that he used, which to be frank is something I do not want to hear at 09:30 in the morning.

It did not take long to get a comment on Facebook about what was said.  The comment was basically saying that it was a community based radio station and that no one has had any sort of formal training.  This was disagreed with out right.  If you have not played in a club and used the mic then really you should not be on a radio station.  I do not care if it is only a community based station, Radio stations must have standards.

I love the fact that it is a community based radio station, do not get me wrong.  Local DJ’s coming through that is great.  But there as to be standards and a mixed balance of styles of music, Every time I look at the website for GFM I feel that it is more of a Hip Hop, RnB station only.

I really wanted to do a show but when I was looking at the line up I felt that I would not be welcome because it was mainly for a certain type of style, which I have to say I disagree with because it is a community based station.  Through the day it should be a mixture of hits and classics with local news and information.  You could really aim the station at the young people with in the town because I think most of the older generation either listen to Heart FM or BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

GFM is not the only station which has these problems with DJ’s presenting in an amateur style.  I listen to a lot of podcasts and internet radio.  A radio station that I listen to lot is Phatbeats, now Phatbeats is an online radio station you listen to through the website where you can have live video streaming of the DJ’s as they mix.  You can also listen to DJ’s playing live from their house if you want.  There are different channel for different music tastes, Garage, Dance, DnB and Rnb.

The fact that the user has a choice is great, they can attracted a lot more people because this is one of the abilities of internet radio stations, they can set up multiply rooms with different styles.  The problem they have though is the same as GFM.

Every time I listen to the House Studio live video feed the music is excellent but then you get some south Londoner shouting over the top of it “Big up “ and “Shout out” and “Big up yourself”.  I know that there are from London, which cannot be helped. (I am of course joking) but I really do think they need to drop that attitude because that is not what House music or music in general is about.  I end of turning off and listening to the live home feeds because most of the DJ’s only talk at the start and end of the shows which is fine because I just want to hear the music.

So where to go from here? Well from the comments on Facebook I have found out that GFM is in trouble and I can see why.  They really need to sort out the balance of the music which is on their schedule and kick off any DJ’s which cannot speak properly because I think this turns people off.  I would like to get involved in GFM and some point if they would let me play House and Dance but I do not see that happening at anytime soon.

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