Introducing my son

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Its been 5 glorious life changing weeks but I have finally gotten round to writing a short blog post introducing the world to my son, Jacob Jamie Rodley-Haines.

Born weighting 8lb 8 at 9:40 on a Saturday morning, this little man has changed my life and also brought a new attitude as well.

The new attitude is simple, I am upping my game in my work ethic and how hard I work, I am pushing the boundaries of what I can accomplish in order to provide a better future for my little man this means working longer and harder but I feel it is worth it.

Coming home from working even hard at work is even better now, not only is my lovely wife at home, but also i get to see the little mans eye light up when he hears my voice.

As you can tell by my Instagram feed, there are now lots of photos of Jacob. I look forward to the days to come and watching the little man grow.


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