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I thought I would post an update on my quest to learning iPhone development, This week I have been playing around with Corona the alternative SDK which using a programming language called Lua.

When I first set out exploring Corona I was taken back, The one thing out of the box is while there seems to be lots of information for beginners on the site int he form of tutorials, there really is not much information in them.

To start off with I had to learn what files make up the project, I wanted to know this so I could create a base file in which all the files and basic code I needed would be there so I can start coding quickly in the future. After browsing the interwebs I finally found all the information I need for a few different sites.

For my first app I thought I would follow the hello world tutorial, this tutoiral is fine but quickly I wanted to move on to creating different screens or as they are known in Corona, scenes.

I do not know if it was me but there seemed to be no easy way to do this, I know I am a beginner in the language of Lua but surely there must be a way. Anyway after search on the net and reading some articles I found the best way to change between scenes is use the director class.

Now the documentation for this class was so good that it actually taught my more about Corona then the tutorials did on the website. There are some amazing videos which I personally find better to learn from by the creator of the Director class Rafael Hernandez, by following these video tutorial and playing round trying to make a basic simply application I started to learn how Corona and Lua programming language works.

I also started thinking about how I could use jQuery Touch and Phonegap and what I could use Corona SDK for. What I came up with is, for all my games I want to try and create I am going to use Corona SDK but for small simply apps I am going to use Phonegap and jQuery touch as I think using Corona is a bit over kill.

I still do not fully understand the process but I am carrying on and I hope that in the next month I can produce an a fully working app on both platforms. Well this is the plan anyway!.

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