Is your brand offline?

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I wanted to raise a question in this post. Is your brand available offline?, by this I mean can people access your website or use your online app even if they do not have an internet connection.

Now having no internet connection for some people is a phoneme that has not been experienced by some people but for other people this is a regular thing.   Another point is that with more and more services moving to the cloud it is even more important that your users can use your website or app offline.

An example of this is the Google chromebook and Google Drive, The Google Chromebook is a cloud based computer that works with Google’s own apps.  It is basically the chrome web browser and needs an internet connection all the time.  But what happens when there is no internet connection.  The reality is that the Chromebook is pretty useless, but you can get a limited amount of work done.  For example you can still use Google Drive offline, You can edit and add to a word document and all your changes will be saved on the Chromebook.  Once you have an internet connection Google Drive syncs to Google and your files are all updated.

Hows does this relate to a company or a brand?,  Well with the rise of responsive web design and more and more people using mobile devices and ipads to access information on the web, I feel that companies need to think about this more and more.

How good would it be if your users could use your site even if they had a slow or even no internet connection.  What if users could use your store and purchase items?

The technology to make this happen is still quite new but is evolving at a rapid rate so within the next 5 years should be taken into consideration.

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