Its Not Time to Drop IE7

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I was listening to the Sitepoint podcast and they started discussing that some web designers are calling for people now to start dropping support for IE7, my first reactions was they are talking bollocks and to my feelings have not changed.

The reasons I think that web designers saying that IE7 should be dropped are talking bollocks is because when I went to work for Pennant Training Systems at the end of 2010 I was using IE7 because they had no put updates on to the computer because some flash moves needed to be tested in it.

I know IE7 is not the best browser in the world but if you are coding with progressive enhancement in mind then really your website should look as well as they can be on IE7.

The way I code at the moment is that I design and build my websites using the latest version of FireFox 3, This may increase to FireFox 4 soon.  Then if I need to tweak the sites layout or design for IE 7 and 8 I just make a different IE only style sheet.  This approach works for me and i see no problem with it, everybody wins and the content of the of site gets across to the people that are viewing the site.

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5 Responses to Its Not Time to Drop IE7

  1. Matthew says:

    Your analysis seems to be focussed on a few anecdotes. The reality is that there is high quality data showing the demise of IE7. Statcounter puts it’s mid may share for the UK at 6.54% (from 10.59% in December 2010 for the UK). For me this is starting to venture into the “consider dropping it” territory.

    When it drops to 5% or below, why should that small minority make web development more expensive for the overwhelming majority? IE8 introduced support in IE for CSS tables, allowing dead easy table based layout in a CSS way.

    It’s not like IE6 where companies had perhaps foolishly created infrastructure that wasn’t future proof, IE7 has no compelling reasons for sticking to it.

    • I know the amount of people using IE7 is low but when you look and the hole world then its enough to keep supporting IE7.

      I have found that if you build your websites with progressive enhancement and graceful degradation supporting IE7 is really no big deal.

      I just would like to see IE6 die finally and the way the users of the internet move we have to take things at a slow step. I think the base of IE7 will only be supported for about a year or in till IE10 comes out then we can ditch IE7 for good as well.

  2. Lee Perry says:

    IE7 is a pian, like ie6 but worse. In fact IE in general is a pain, if a car manufacturer had released a model with as many issues they would have recalled it. Lets move on to better and more productive web development, everyone benefits from dropping these old costly browsers and using modern web standards offerings from companies like google and mozila.

  3. Johan says:

    How about this year?

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