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Ling Cars is a website many people have herd of and visited, but have visited the site not to look at the great content or amazing design.  But instead to have a laugh at the 90’s style animated gif and flash banners.  People think that this site is a joke and the person running it obversely does not know what they are doing.

The first time I visited the site I was also one that laughted at the site and thought “What the hell” and “This is a joke”, but I was listening to the unfinished podcast and Andy Clarke had listen to Ling talk at hand held conf and had now changed is opion that she is a genius and really understands what she is doing.

After listening to Andy’s points and revisiting the Ling Cars website, I have to say that I agree.  Ling is a genius and this is why.

First of all the Ling Cars website is easy to remember, mainly because a lot of people think it is the worst site ever, But the thing is that you remember the site more than a so called normally designed site.  This is brilliant for a brand as people remember it.  The next point is that Ling Cars entertains its users when they come to the site,  There is so much going on on the site that there is not one boring section on the site.  Again this is good for a brand as people do not get bored of the site.

Ling Cars is backed up as well from the great customer service it offers its customers, Here are some reviews to read.  So far this brand has everything, A talking point, which is the website and then a brilliant service in which customers keep coming back.

Are you still with me?, Ok I will continue.

Part of her talk from the Hand Held Conference which she did inside a dalek is that Ling spoke about her mobile strategy and what she thinks is right for her company and brand.  The answer will shock a lot of people but when you step back and think about it its hard to disagree with her.  Ling’s mobile strategy is basically she does not use responsive web design as she says that the Ling Cars website will not fit on an iphone and it blow it up.

Hmmm that is strange but she backs it up by saying she actually goes with a separate mobile site but also adds that the people that come to her site are not going to lease a car from her using there mobile phone.  So sticking to her brand she entertains people on the mobile site, an example of this is on the mobile site when a user is looking for a car, Ling has a free car option which when the user submits their email address. She then sends them a pdf of a car they can put together for free, on the flip side of this, Ling gets an email address that she can market to.

Have I changed your mind about Ling Cars yet?, I would suggest going back to the site and looking at the site from a brand perspective.

There are many happy customers, most say that the site was crazy and the service and prices she offers are the best around.  Im going to suggest something now so don’t get to shocked, but maybe we could learn something from Ling Cars.

When you look past all the animated gifs and crazy graphics you can see that she really does know what she is doing and everything she does is on brand.  The points that I have taken from looking at Ling Cars from a brand perspective is:

1. A memorable brand – You’re certainly never going to forget the website.

2. Customer service – She has excellent customer service and offers extremely lower prices (based all the reviews I have read).

3. Always do things on brand. – Her talk at hand held conference was done in a dalak outfit which people will remember.

Hope you have enjoyed my look at Ling Cars and also that I am not crazy.

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