Losing a work mate and close friend

Posted on by jordanhaines

My Time ag websir has seen my working relationship with our designer Dena grow into a great friendship,  We chat all day on Skype or Google Hangouts about work and personal life.

We are always working on problems and talking through ideas, If one of us is down then the other one picks us up.

Dena has become not just a work mate but a close friend.  But today is the day she has decided to move on and it hurt.  I felt great for her as its career progression but bad as i would not be speaking to her every day and with the distance and us not working together we would end up speaking less and less.  Well this was the thoughts running through my head at the time.

Dena telling me she was going got me thinking about where I was in my professional career and got me thinking about my goals I set out at the start of the year.  I think it could be time for a change,  Dena leaving Websir is the kick up the ass I needed.  So let the job hunting begin.

I would like to say I will miss Dena and I hope we can continue our little projects out of work going forward.  I would like to wish her well and wish her good luck in the future.

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