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I was listening to Tech News Today a few months back and there was a discussion about on demand services such as Netflix and Lovefilm and how they are becoming more popular and even replacing paid TV services such and Virgin Media or Sky TV.

In the last year alone I have downgraded my Virgin Media TV package mainly due to the high amount of rubbish that you actually get and the such low amount that I want to watch. I personally pay for Netflix while my wife pays for Lovefilm which includes two DVDs at a time and unlimited online streaming.

We have found that our viewing habits have changed and we tend to watch series in bulk now. With not really anything good on Virgin or standard TV we tend to watch a few episodes a night when the our new little man lets us.

Back to the point of this blog post, While I was listening to Tech News Today I had an idea which was why can we not pay for cinema releases at home?.

My idea comes from trying to cut out piracy and to keep the film industry making money. My thoughts behind this where that going to the cinema is such a huge expense as you have to pay for the ticket of the movie, pay over the top for a drink and some snacks let alone pay for the fuel and car parking as well. With this huge expense less and less people are going to the cinema and more and more people are choosing to pirate movies they want to see but do not want to pay all that money.

My idea would cut the cost people would have to pay out and still get people to pay for a movie. its quick and ease. All the films that are currently on at the cinema are made available to view on demand through Virgin TV or Sky, to be honest Netflix or Lovefilm could do this as well. The price you pay to watch the film would be the same as going to the cinema but because you do not have to leave you house and its so convenient I truly believe consumers would use this service.

Now I am not saying we should shut down cinemas as I do like going to the cinema myself to get the full experience. But the idea that I propose would certainly cut down on piracy and also allow people to pay for a film they want to see.

I doubt this will ever happen though as there are some people out there that just want to make as much money as they can and are not thinking about the longer view. I am also sure there are many licensing deals which would need to be worked out and there fore stop this idea from ever getting off the ground.

I should touch on there Virgin Media and Sky TV already offer on demand movies with the latest movie releases but these tend to be a few months after they have left the cinema, Consumers want to watch their films now.

Anyway that was my idea for the movie industry. Whats yours?

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