Picks from CES 2017

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CES 2017 has shown off some amazing tech this year, After my news feed was bombarded with stories from different sites all reviews products and the latest technology on show. I thought I would put together a list of top pieces of tech that caught my eye and got me excited this year.

Razor’s Gaming laptop with 3 screens

Razor gaming laptop with 3 screens

When this gaming laptop popped up from Razor with 3 screens I felt like shouting, “FINALLY”. I have been wanting a laptop with multiply screens for years and never really understood what has taken the tech companies so long to get to this point.

Now this laptop is aimed at gaming, but for me I can see this machine being used as my every day work / home machine. No more plugin in to external monitors, now you can take it all with you and have the same set up where ever you go. At the moment this is a concept and I can only live in hope that the price is going to be below £2500, This is definitely something I will be keeping an eye one this year.

Razor’s Gaming Projector

razer project ariana

Razor, They managed to grab my attention with another piece of tech. This time it is a projector which when gaming turns the whole wall into a monitor.

From the demos at CES the projector projects a normal TV sized screen on to the wall, then around that image it widens the screen for a better view and fully immerse the gamer. In an interview I saw, A guy from Razor said it was designed to fully immerse you because its designed to be your eyes.

This will be for only the hardcore gamers, but if I had the room at home this would certainly be on my shopping list.

NVIDIA brings GeForce Now to mac and pc

geforce now

Keeping with gaming theme again, News came out that NVIDIA is allowing low budget PC owners and Mac owners to use there GeForce service. This is there Cloud gaming service which means you can play the game on there servers and stream the game to your machine, allowing you to play all the best games but not pay for a high budget gaming PC to get the best performance.

I personally have loved the idea of cloud gaming services and always thought it was the way forward. When the service Onlive was launched I jumped on it straight away and was telling everyone to use it, but the dream did not last long and the company had to sell as it was not making any money.

This news as given me hope that cloud gaming is coming back to the mainstream and will be trying this service out in the future.

Dell’s 8K monitor

Dell UP3218K Image

As someone who works for a marketing agency, I know that the designers and myself would love this screen. The clear colours and graphics would make designing and coding even more of a pleasure, it comes with a massive price tag. But it definitely would be worth it if you can afford it.


AirBar MacBook

This little device got me really excited when I saw the video pop up on my Facebook timeline. This device can turn any laptop screen into a touchscreen. “GENIUS!”

If this device works as it should, then Apple should by them up straight away because quite simply they could stick to there guns about people not wanting touch screen laptops but also satisfy the people the do.

I would buy this as when I am djing or working the lighting rig, it is easier sometimes to touch the screen rather then messing about with a mouse, trackpad or even a controller.

It will be interesting to read the reviews of this when it gets released and see if it does meet my expectation.

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

fisher price think learn smart cycle

Fisher price the children’s toy makers is moving into a new range of apps for kids. The smart cycle is a cycling simulator for the kids (Brilliant!) When its to cold, raining or even to late at night and the kids want to go for a ride on the bike, Now they can.

There is a range of different games that can be downloaded on to the iPad, then simply the children sit on the bike and peddle. I know my 3 year old would love this and after it gets released later this year I certainly will be keeping an eye on the reviews to see if its worth buying for him.

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