Sky Sports Sucks

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I writing this to announce that Sky Sports sucks and that into days hi-tech TV life they still find ways to fuck up the programming.

I am referring to the Sky Sports Showing Live the US Open Tennis and then running over and not giving notices that they are, and moving the show that I want to another channel.  I have no problem with the tennis being shown, The problem I have is that is today’s TV we all use the electronic programming guide which can easily be changed from the broadcasters end so when you spend time setting you cable box up to record your shows during the week.  If they change anything and do not update the electronic programming guide then you cable box will record the wrong show.

If the tennis is going to run over which is has down twice this week, simple move the show and update the electronic programming guide so my cable box can still record my program.

It can be done and we all pay the money for this service so why should I miss a show just because they can be bothered to update the electronic programming guide.

Now that I have missed my show, I am forced to download it from Pirate Bay. I did not want to download it in this way but because the service that I paid for messed up, I have been forced to.

With all the money Sky has and how proud they are of their sports channels and they cannot simply move a sports program from one channel to the other, now if this was in the middle of the day that might be difficult but this was 2am in the morning, plenty of room to move.  Also think it is easy to move programs around because the amount of shit repeats Sky Sports shows is a joke.

I have also noticed that the rugby is not on Sky Sports now it is on ESPN so I don’t need Sky Sports anymore so I am thinking of dropping it, Along with Sky Movies because that is a pile of shit to but I am not going to start on that.

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