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I can not remember if I have wrote a blog post about the fact I am starting the process of learning iPhone app development but last week I did start. Last month I had already applied and set up my Apple developer account but with the joys of getting married all my efforts in starting the journey of learning iPhone development was put on hold.

Now when I installed Xcode I wanted to learn the native way to code application which meant learning the objective C programming language. I downloaded a few books and after talking to my fellow web designer Harry at work i settled on the book Learning iPhone Programming (O’Reilly) by Alasdair Allan.

After working my way through the first couple of chapters I felt that all was going well, then we hit the chapter where the book starts explaining Xcode, unfortunately Xcode has been updated and the screenshots did not reflected the version I had, which is version 4. The book is based on version 3 of Xcode. This started to shake my confidence a bit because the layout of Xcode between 4 and 3 is very different, I pressed on but found myself less and less understanding the book as it tried to explain objective C, now there will be people saying “How can you not understand it?”, Now I am a web designer and can write HTML, CSS and Javascript so started looking for ways to create iPhone applications using the tools that I already know.

I found the solutions very quickly in the form of Phonegap and JQTouch, The phonegap framework is an open source framework where you can use HTML, CSS and Javascript to create native iPhone applications. JQTouch is used with Phonegap and is a jQuery pluggin which gives me the designer the ability to create an iPhone interface which will be smooth operating which people are used to. By using Phonegap and JQTouch you can write once and deploy to many devices.

I started straight away learning this new tools, phonegap was easy to download and install, and JQTouch was easy to install but i did have a bit of an issue of how to implement it, The documentation is a bit light for JQTouch but a quick search on Google and you will find everything you need.

After I set it up within an afternoon I had set up a very rough iPhone app which had a picture of myself and two pages, which where about me and contact. I found it very easy to set up and have ideas about what I want to do. The only thing that I have noticed is that I think that I will have to find another framework to use if I want to create iPhone games, which is my ultimate goal.

I will continue to post updates of how I am getting on, my first proper app will be an app for a photography company.

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