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Font face wordpress fonts not showing in IE9 and Firefox

Posted on by jordanhaines

I have been working on a site at work which is a wordpress based site. In this site we have used a selection of custom fonts from font squirrel, which I have done many times before and never had a … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Firefox hello Chrome

Posted on by jordanhaines

Today saw the day that I have moved from FireFox to Chrome for my main browser I use everyday, I will continue to use FireFox as my development browser. I have decided to move because for the last few weeks … Continue reading

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Xmarks new feature for Firefox

Posted on by jordanhaines

Today I got an update to Xmarks, which if you have not heard what Xmarks is.  Xmarks is a plugin for Firefox which will sync your bookmarks with all your other computers that run Firefox. The newest version of Xmarks … Continue reading

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