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2019 Review

Posted on by jordanhaines

The year is nearly up and I guess it’s time for the annual year review blog post. This will be the first blog post from me in a very long time. So let’s go back to the start of the … Continue reading

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Usability and accessibility can increase your brand.

Posted on by jordanhaines

We hear a lot nowadays about responsive web design, progressive enhancement and graceful degradation and mobile first.  With all of this to think about when designing and building a site and everyone trying to keep costs down as well, Website … Continue reading

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Why code on the iPad?

Posted on by jordanhaines

This post will properly turn into a rant so just to warn you guys now. This week I saw a few app recommendation for coding on the iPad, BBEdit and Ultraedit where there names. Now this is not the first … Continue reading

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2011 redesign

Posted on by jordanhaines

Over the last few months I have started to look at my blog and have stronger and stronger feelings that I actually don’t like the design much any more, I feel that I want to try something new, something that … Continue reading

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Unplug now and then

Posted on by jordanhaines

In the last few weeks I have gotten married and had a lovely honeymoon in Ireland. Now this is normal for every newly married couple, but for myself I thought this would be a good time to switch myself off … Continue reading

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