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At Langarth where I work we have regular staff catch ups with the managing directors.  In these half hour to an hour long review we talk about what has happened in the last three months, what can be improved and to set ourselves some goals to try and achieve in the next three months.

We all agree these meetings are a great idea as it gives us a chance to talk through any issues that have come up in the last few months and how to we as the company can work through them.

Now the reason I am writing about this is because my last review was not the best I had ever got, Actually its safe to say it is the worse I had ever got.  It was the first time had and a proper bollocking from my boss, but and this is the most important thing. It had allowed me to see what type of person I had become.

Its at this point I should say that in the months building up to this review, my life had been turned upside down and I was extremely stressed.  We have had to move house, re adjust the finances in prep for the arrival of my first son.  Along with this as well, I was developing one of the biggest websites I had ever built and its safe to say that I was feeling the pressure.  With all this pressure I had become very quiet at work where I was focusing on my work, unfortunately I had started to not talk to people and give short straight answers to people which came accross as unfriendly.

In my review the boss pretty much told me the truth and it hurt, I am a person that likes to get along with everyone and did not realise that I had pretty much become such a miserable git.  After the meeting I was really upset and spend some time taking it all in that was said and how I need to change my mood.

I started again by looking at what I had around me, I work for an amazing company with amazing people in it and its great that we have a laugh and produce amazing work.  I also have an amazing beautiful wife that has stuck by me through thick and thin and is really my rock.  Then there is the new arrival in my little family, the little man himself Jacob.

Thinking about what I have and hearing the truth about what I had become certainly pointed me in the right direction and I feel that I am now engaging better with people at work and certainly feel a lot more happy.

The regular review at work helped me see this sooner rather than later and things could of got a lot worse if we did not have regular meetings.  I am looking forward and scared of the next meeting as it will be interesting to see if other people have noticed my improvement as well.

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