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A recent article on the Mashable site told of how Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer thrives of never ending to do lists.

She said it helps her focus on the most important jobs that need doing in the day, If she ever completes a list then she feels a bit down because she feels that spending a lot of time on the items that are the lowest on the list is a waste of time or require a very small amount of time.

To do lists are great, I personally use them every day. At work (Langarth) we are now all using them everyday to keep us focused and on track about what we would like to get done in that day.  At the end of the day we can see if we have had a productive day or see what jobs have messed us around.  To do lists allow us to plan our time better and I would encourage people to use them all the time.

So to list can help you every day to get jobs done, but can they help you out with your company or brand?.  I think so.

I use a to do list app called Remember The Milk in this app I have different lists, 1 list for personal jobs, 1 list for work jobs. The last list I have is the list for the current year.  In this list I have all of the projects I would like get done, for example redesign my website, Learn iphone app development or read this book.   This year list helps me keep in focus of all the projects that I want to get done in the year.  Now I have never finished this list, and it tends to roll over to the next year.

My year list could easily be a list about your marketing strategy for the year or another list about your website.  By creating lists of jobs or tasks you would like to get done during the year will help you stay focused on company / brand.

So give to do lists a try and see if you become more focused on your company / brand.

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