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I have recently read a sitepoint article called “Being a Kick-ass Employee”.  As I read this article it point 5 top things an employee should do to be successful within a company. They are:

  1. Know Where You’re Going
  2. Make Sure You’re Constantly Learning
  3. Be Reliable, Trustworthy, and Communicative
  4. Actively Pursue Increasing Productivity
  5. Be Organized.

As I was reading this article, I realised that I am currently going through these processes at the moment to get back on track with my career as I seemed to have wondered off the track as the article suggest.

So Point No.1 – Know Where You’re Going.  Well even though I had completed a degree and a master’s degree I was still unsure about what I really wanted to do.  I mean I really do love every part on Interactive media weather that is web design or flash design or video production.  I want it all.  But coming to the end of the master’s degree what I really wanted to do is earn some money, some good money at that and leave the nightclub where I was working.

I had been feeling for a long time that my time was coming to move on from the club, now I have to say that the club was a great place to work and I love it.   But I loved the people there and the nights out with the staff and managers.

So I joined Pennant Training Systems hoping that I would gain skills and experience that I needed to further my career.  First of all let me say how wrong I was.  They don’t do any web related stuff and they treat their employee’s like shit it has to be said.

So it looks like I have go off track, so while working in India for Pennant, which is the only good thing about working for this company so far.  I started looking in to myself and after 15 weeks and much soul searching I found myself reading up on HTML & CSS again.

So my plan at the moment is to get my HTML and CSS skills up together and start looking for work this year.  I am finding that I am spending a lot of time on the computer, reading articles and books.  But I know it will be all worth it and I will be someday happy with my career.

This brings me on to Point No.2 – Make Sure You’re Constantly Learning.  Well for this point I have to point straight to and the Mr Paul Boag himself and his podcast.  I was pointed to his podcast via a work colleague and I am currently in the process of listening to every single podcast right from episode 1.  I have found that podcast has given me the inspiration to learn and the will to succeed again.  For this I have to thank him and one day I will meet him, hopefully work for him and say thank you.

Moving on to point No.3 of the article – Be Reliable, Trustworthy, and Communicative, I would like to think that I am always this.  I always go out of my way to get the job done or to help the company out.  If the boss would ask me to do a job I would like to think that he knew I would get it done in a timely but good fashion.  I hate employees that come in late, leave early or can’t or won’t do their job properly.  Many times I have told people I work with to “Fuck Off”.  I would rather do it on my own and get it right even if it takes longer.  Sorry if that is harsh but it is just the way I think.

Point No.4 of the article is a very interesting one – Actively Pursue Increasing Productivity.  This is some I think I try and do.  I try and learn the job well first and aim to get that right before I start bringing my own system in to it.  Yes I want to complete the job to a high standard but I want to fit as much as I can in to one day as well.  Now I have to say that this has come back to bite me in the ass a few times as I never wanted to say “No” to the boss when they have asked me to do something so I have found that I have had to work long hours to get the entire job list done.  Although afterwards it does bring a smile to my face knowing I have proven to myself that I can handle it.

Moving on to the final point in this article – Be Organized.  Now I have always tried to be tidy and nearly every day I will right a list of jobs to do.  But I have recently discovered that I need to be more organised in everything, from contacts in your phone, and email to bookmarks to files on your computer.  I always have my mail open and phone on because I like to feel that connection to the outside world but I am working on streamlining all my processes which in turn I am finding difficult because I have started to see that there is a big mess which requires time to sort out.

This article hit a cord with me and is one that I am bookmarking to read again and again to remind me and keep me on track.

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