Usability and accessibility can increase your brand.

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We hear a lot nowadays about responsive web design, progressive enhancement and graceful degradation and mobile first.  With all of this to think about when designing and building a site and everyone trying to keep costs down as well, Website usability and accessibility can get pushed down the list and put into a category of “We can add that later”.

But it does not nor should it be this way.  If we think about it from the start there is no reason why your website should not be accessible to everyone.  If your site is accessible to everyone then your site is able to reach anyone that comes to your site.  This could mean the difference between making extra sales and missing your targets for the quarter.

People with disabilities have money to so why exclude them and not take there money if they wish to buy items from your website.

Another point about usability and accessibility is that thinking about it from the start can also make sure you enable all customers to have the best experience on the site as they can.  By this I mean for example, finding a page easy by way of a simple navigation.  If users can navigate your site easy they have a much better chance of finding the information they want and returning to your site.

All good things for your brand and site so far, right?

I touched on my next point at the start of this post and that is cost does not have to be an issue if accessibility and usability are thought about from the start.  The fact is that if thought about from the start or implemented into a current site, these measures can increase revenue.  The following examples are excerpts from a white paper on companies that increased there accessibility to conform to new government standards  The white paper can be found here (link:

“Improvements in accessibility doubled Legal and General’s life insurance sales online”

“Improvements in accessibility increased Tesco’s grocery home delivery sales by £13 million in 2005”

“Improvements in accessibility increased sales by 68%”

With these few examples and facts there really is no good reason why you would not think about usability and accessibility.  Your company and brand will benefit in the long run.

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