UX Professional – Is it a real job?

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A tweet by Ryan Carson head of Carsonified and during the dContruct conference he tweeted that “UX Professional’ is a bullshit job title. It’s just a way to over-charge naive clients. All web designers should be UX pros”

Now this tweet has caused a massive response in the web design community and from what I can see is that most people are attacking him, but I will not be.

I actually agree with him, If you call yourself a web designer you should not need a so called UX Professional to come in on the project you should have knowledge of Responsive design principles, Accessibility and user testing.

During the world economic down turn there is no need for extra costs in the process of building a web site you need a designer and developer and that is it, Of course you will need sometimes more than one of each due to the work load.

If you would like to read Ryan’s response to his tweet you can view it here.

Will be interested to hear your thoughts on this so please leave a comment on the blog.

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