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Today saw my broadband fail, now all I wanted to do is check that the service was down and that it was not my computer.  So I dial 151 on my Virgin Media land line where of course you meet the automatic women.  Now all I want to do it just find out if the cable is down but I have to listen to a annoying women go on about how “It does not look like you have installed your new smart card.”

One problem with this is, yes I have and we had problems with that but I have already said about this in other blog posts.  Plus I don’t care about that I just want to know about my broadband connection. So finally she shuts up then I get the options to choose from which two of the option have to do with TV and then the third option is anything else.

So I continue to the quest to find out if my service is down in the area, I get to another set of menus where I have to choose if I want to talk about my installation, Fault or anything else. So I press option 2 and continue the quest (If I knew it was going to be this long I would of made lunch).

I then have to go to another menu where I have to pick if it is a fault with my TV or wireless broadband or my wired broadband or my dial up service.

After finally getting through to an actual human being we have to go through the routine of resetting the modem which I have already done, but I thought I got this far might as well do something.  After 10 minutes of pulling the power cable out, the broadband cable out and him apparently sending signals he comes to the conclusion that it is the modem and that I need an engineer. WTF!!!!

I was using fine just 10 minutes ago, but that was not the best bit.  The best bit was that I could not have an engineer visit me till Thursday.  Two days without the internet!!! I am trying to do work and need the internet. “Sorry sir we cannot help with that” basically a fuck you go without.   So I had to book the engineer but I go without internet.  The only way to get online is to tether through my phone on my Mac.

The whole point of this is that I just wanted to find out if the service was down, so why did I have to go through all the menus and automatic voices just to find out a piece of information which should be easy to get at.

If you have a Virgin Media phone line you have a number to dial for help 151 and there are some other numbers as well, so why can’t there be a number say 666 to find out if the service has gone down.  No menus just a automatic voice which can tell you, what the problem is in basic terms and how long they think it will take to fix.  This is all I wanted to know which should only take a minute at max, not 20 minutes.

With all the problems at the moment Virgin Media are having I really am being to think about going elsewhere for my broadband.

Virgin you suck so sort it out!!!

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