Washed out colours in Google Chrome

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I wanted to write up a quick fix for a Google Chrome issue which I have noticed for a few weeks now but have only just gotten round to fixing.

While developing some new sites at work I noticed that the colours displayed on my screen while using Google Chrome looked washed out compared to other websites.  An example is shown below.

Chrome Washed Out Colours

After doing some research online and reading some forum posts, I could see that I was not the only one having this issue.  It turns out that I needed to turn Color Correct Rendering off,  The steps below will show you how do this.

  1. Enter chrome://flags in to the address bar and press enter
  2. Now search on the page for enable-color-correct-rendering, You should see the screen shot below

Enable color correct rendering default

3. You need to change default to disable like the screen shot below

Enable Color Correct Rendering Disable

You will then need to save and restart Chrome.  You should notice the colours on your website and a lot more brighter now.  Below is a screen shot of the same website header after I turned off enable-color-correct-rendering

Website header with colour correct disabled

I hope this helps a few people out.

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