Weekend of hell and the week of setting later

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So I wanted to tell my experience of how once again Bill Gates windows caused havoc on my life, Last weekend as I was editing the podcast. The Audition which is the software I use to create the podcast crash in mid play of a piece of audio causing it to loop uncontrollably, I had to force quite the program but the sound still remained. There was no other way for it but to restart the computer. This is where my weekend of hell was a about to start.

So as the mother board start up screen came up I was ok, then the bios screen came up and I thought to myself “Ok all is ok”. But then! Message sayings “Please install your boot media and press any key to continue”. Well two words came to mind “O FUCK”. My first thought was I had lost the podcast but then I quickly remembered that I had saved just before I started to listen to it so that was ok.

Another thing which was ok is that I use 4 separate hard disks for my music, files and work, so I knew that was ok. The only annoying think was that I was going to lose all my bookmarks and emails again. Now I should just point out that I had back up my email contacts when I first build this computer but I have not backed up since then, so a few things have changed.

So I started to install my a clear version of windows vista and begin to set up all the sharing permissions again and install the software.

Now this is no different to anybody else, but this crash has made me think a lot about back up and how important we are on the information we store on our computers. I live my life on the computer and now that I have a i-phone I can constantly keep up with my emails and friends with ease.

I started to look at backing up on site and off site. I remember hearing on Boagworld podcast about Drobo. Now Drobo is a small computer which and run 4 hard drives and back them up, but the good think about it is that it will tell you if a drive fails and all you have to do is replace the drive which as fails. But this got me thinking that it is still on site, what if some worse happens.

I started looking at offsite backups; I had been told Mozy was a good site has for as little as $5 a month you got unlimited storage. I thought great, but something was getting at me but I did not know what, so I decided to ask in the Boagworld forum. I got told that if you have on site back up you can get away with really just using some usb hard drives (Which I already have) and just keep them off site.

After much thought I have decided to leave the online backup solution for a while and use the USB drives, this is mainly because this month I have spend a lot on computer parts, mainly the Drobo and the hard drives to go in it, So will see.

I this post was mainly just to point out that we should all back up our data onsite or offsite and that we should give it more thought then we do, which to be frank is no thought at all. I am currently in the process of backing up all the computers on my home network and linking them to Drobo, little do they know it but I think they will thank me later when all the computers go down or something bad happens.

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