Why I like open source content management systems

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The term “open source” refers to something people can modify and share because its design and development is public. Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and build on.

Two examples of open source content management (CMS) system are WordPress and Drupal, You may have heard of these. They are the two biggest content management systems powering the web today with an equal share of 21%.

There are many reasons I love using open source content management systems and below are a few of the reasons with a short explanation.

1. Cost

The great thing about open source content management systems is that they are free, You can donate to the project if you like. This brings the cost of projects down which helps the client and also makes it easier for anyone to try and get building using the CMS.

2. Knowledge

Open source content management systems are built and maintained by many people, There are also everyone that uses the CMS which makes up the community. If you have a question about the CMS you are working with, you can ask in the forum or Google the problem. There is a good chance that someone has had the issue already and can suggest possible solutions for you to try.

3. Community

The community is the back bone of any open source content management system. This is were all the knowledge for the software is. In the community you will have the developers that build and maintain the project, You will also have other people that maintain the documentation, You will also have people that have a huge knowledge of either WordPress or Drupal as they use it on a day to day basis. With such a strong community behind any project, you can be assured that support of the CMS will continue long in to the future.

4. Secure

WordPress and Drupal are very secure content management systems, If a security issue is found and reported to the community it is dealt with very quickly. Confidence in security for a CMS will be one of the factors in deciding if people will use it or not.

5. Quality

When new features are added to the code base for either WordPress or Drupal the community can inspect the code and have there say on weather it needs improving or not. Buy having many people looking at the code, you can insure that you get a higher quality of code then if it was just a few people in a company building a fully paid for content management system.

6. Flexibility and Freedom

Unlike paid for content management systems if there is a feature you need for an open source content management system and it does not exists in the plugin / module libraries. You have the option to build your own extension to make the CMS do what you want it to do.

So there you have it, Just a few reasons why using open source content management systems are better then paid for systems.

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